Electronic Document Management: Word DOC or PDF?

AltoPDF team

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The usage of e-documents in the work of any company is a great possibility not only to decrease the expenses for stationery and printer materials, but also speed up the information sharing with partners and company business units with a help of sending files over the Internet. However, the implementation process of the e-document management implies many difficulties. For example, it is complicated to choose an appropriate format that will form the basis of the system. Every format has its pros and cons.

Word documents are the most frequently used ones. It is a standard format created with a help of Microsoft Word. Its popularity can be explained by the popularity of their word processor. To use this format you need to download their software from the official site and create as many docs with .doc resolution as you want.

Another common format for keeping electronic documents is PDF. Its key purpose was to provide any printing product in electronic form. It was implemented in 1991 and since then people started using PDFs for business and personal purposes. PDF files are very convenient when speaking about the ways to send the document and save its page and text structure.

Frequently, people wonder how to save a Word document as a PDF. There is a special online service known as AltoWordToPDF. It is a unique tool aimed at converting DOC to PDF. It is a free Word to PDF converter that is available to everyone. Forget about text shifts when sending the docs. With PDFs you will save your time as you will not need to edit your document every time after receiving it back from the recipient. Both Word and PDF have their distinctive features, pros and cons. You should take into consideration the purpose of your e-document management and decide on the format to use.