PDF: Its Nature, Pros and Cons

PDF that stands for the Portable Document Format is not only a commonly known and convenient format but also a single standard since 2008. It was created by Adobe Systems. The developers focused on implementing such a document format that will look the same on any device.

Frequently, PDF files refer to “paperless office”. In case of design, PDFs are associated with the preparation to printing and transferring graphical layouts to press. Word documents are not that valuable in such situation.

Comparing Word document to PDF, you will see that PDFs can be opened on any device in their original form. Such files do not require much space on your computer or laptop. The only software you may need is Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it for free on the Adobe Systems site. It will take a few seconds. One more advantage of this format is its compatibility with almost all existing operating systems. It is a great tool for keeping every page of the file in order.

If you have many docs in a usual Word format, we offer you to check out such service as AltoWordToPDF. It is an online Word to PDF converter that can simplify your life and save your time. Convert any document you need online and do not pay even a penny for it.

Moreover, a user can set the security parameters for any PDF file. It can be the ban for printing, editing, using an eSignature, etc. Stay safe converting doc to PDF.

However, you must pay a fee if you need to edit your PDF document. It is more difficult to edit such docs than any other graphic files using specific programs. It is complicated to work with text in PDFs as it is perceived as an image.

Take into consideration all these pros and cons of using PDF docs before converting. You always have a choice.